Shur-Line Paint Brush and Roller Cleaner Review

Shur-Line Brush and Roller Cleaner

Buying new paint brushes and rollers every time you paint is a foolish, costly mistake. Quality brushes and rollers can be used over and over again for a long time if you thoroughly clean and store them properly after each use. Nobody likes cleaning painting tools, but you can significantly reduce cleanup time using a brush and roller cleaner. If you already tried cleaning rollers without one, you know how long it can take to get all of the paint out.

In case you don’t know, a brush and roller cleaner is basically a spinner that spins your tools to completely remove leftover paint quickly. To clean a roller, the tool is inserted into the core of your paint roller, and to clean a paint brush, the brush is in inserted into the base of the tool. The tool spins by pumping the top handle up and down.

The Shur-Line spinner has been around for a long time and it’s the only tool I use to clean my dirty brushes and rollers at the end of the day. To see what others are saying, click here.


58 Most Popular Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Get the Benjamin Moore Fan Deck

Choosing the best Benjamin Moore colors for an interior painting project can prove to be an annoying task because they have over 1,000 different paint colors to choose from.

To make color selection easier, I put together a list of 58 of the most popular, best selling Benjamin Moore colors for each color family. These are the best selling colors, according to Benjamin Moore.


1342 Mardi Gras

AF-290 Caliente

AF-300 Dinner Party

AF-270 Tea Room

1300 Tucson Red


Wagner Paint Eater Paint Removal Tool Review

Wagner Paint Eater

Having to manually scrape and sand loose paint by hand is probably the most annoying part of paint preparation. If your project involves paint removal, using a quality electric sander is the way to go. The Wagner Paint Eater is a powerful rotary sander that removes old paint and abrades surfaces fast. I use the Paint Eater mostly for exterior trim and deck stain preparation, but it can also be used indoors to prepare wood, steel or concrete surfaces.

This is a brief review about the PaintEater based on my own experience using it. I’ll mention the positives, negatives and what I think about the tool. If you want to see what others are saying about the Paint Eater, click here.

What You Can Expect

The tough sanding disc does a good job at breaking down and removing paint from surfaces. The disc doesn’t clog up with paint after ten minutes like other sanders I have used, and for a relatively small tool, the motor is actually very powerful. Have a good grip on the handle before flipping the switch on. The motor delivers 2,600 RPM and removes existing paint without having to constantly push down hard.  The Paint Eater can be used on wood, metal and concrete, but I have only used it on wood so far, and each time it only took three or four passes to smooth peeling paint.