Zinsser Primer – Which One Is the Best?

Zinsser is the leading primer and sealer manufacturer in the United States. If you need primer for a house painting project, there is a Zinsser primer available for your needs. The kind of primer to buy obviously depends on the surface you’re preparing for paint. In this article, I cover a few different Zinsser products to help you decide which primer is best.

Zinsser Bullseye 123 Primer

Bulls Eye 1-2-3 is a versatile water-base primer that seals porous and glossy surfaces to achieve a stronger bond with paint. If you plan to paint brand new drywall, or over chalky, builder’s flat paint, one coat of this primer will make your top coats of paint dry smooth and uniform in color. (more…)

Sherwin Williams Paint Prices for Interior Paints

This article includes a helpful list of Sherwin Williams paint prices for some of their most popular interior paints. The actual price per gallon is dependent on the finish you choose. Paint in a gloss finish costs more per gallon than paint in semi-gloss, and satin paint will cost more than flat. The products are listed from highest to lowest pricing with brief reviews included. (more…)