3 Popular Neutral Paint Sample Colors from Sherwin Williams

I have been using Sherwin Williams paints for a long time and I’m satisfied with their selection of colors. I also use Benjamin Moore paints on occasion, but I’m more familiar with the products and paint sample colors from Sherwin Williams. The paint samples in this article are a few of my favorite warm, neutral colors that we use quite often. The colors are also noted in the list of 50 popular Sherwin Williams paint colors. I obtained the list from my local Sherwin Williams store.

I want to point out that the paint color samples displayed in this article aren’t totally true to the actual color. Unfortunately, virtual color samples are usually off a little bit, so you’ll definitely want to visit the paint store to see the sample cards in person. If you’re looking for interior paint ideas, you might consider the following paint colors for your next interior painting project.

Macadamia – 6142

Our customers choose Macadamia more than any other tan in the Sherwin Williams color book. It’s a warm tan, simple, and ideal for any room in the house. I painted Macadamia in my living and dining room, and it looks great. The color isn’t too dark or too light. Macadamia looks awesome on walls next to trim and ceilings painted in Sherwin Williams Extra White or Pure White colors. Although the samples shown in this article might not look like it, Macadamia bares a slight reddish tone, which makes it look warmer, not greyish like some tan and beige colors. Directly

below Macadamia, on the same color swatch, is another color called Basket Beige 6143. If you want to go a shade darker, check out that color.

French Roast – 6069

French Roast is a rich, coffee bean color, perfect for one bold accent wall in a room. As an accent wall,  it’s an easy color to combine with walls painted in a lighter brown, or tan, and it will go along with browns found in your furniture, accessories, or fabric.

I don’t recommend painting an entire room in French Roast though, especially a small room, because it’s pretty dark. The picture on the right includes three staircase walls my company painted, using French Roast as an accent color. The customer chose a darker color because she wanted to accentuate the shape of the walls. The color also blends in nicely with the dark stain on the handrail, and allows the white trim to stand out more.

Kilim Beige – 6106

Kilim Beige is the number one most popular Sherwin Williams paint color, according to the list I have from the store. I have painted Kilim Beige quite a few times. This color is slightly pinkish and very warm. It’s a bit lighter than Macadamia, so if you want to brighten up a room, but still achieve contrast between the walls and ceilings, it’s a good color choice. Like I said though, it is a little pinkish, which is kind of hard to tell from the small pictures, but it’s very noticeable after the room is painted. If you go for this color, buy a sample first and spread it on the wall before buying your paint for the job. The picture on the right is a room painted in Kilim Beige. Notice the nice contrast with the trim. It isn’t too dark or too light.

Have you used any of these colors in your home? Please leave your comments below.


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