Behr Paint Vs. Sherwin Williams Vs. Benjamin Moore

Throughout the years, I have used several paints from Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore. All three brands are well known companies with good paint. In this article, I talk about the differences between a few of the paints offered by each company.

Behr Paint

Behr paint is sold exclusively at the Home Depot. The quality of Behr wall paint is fine for a homeowner who needs paint for the occasional project around the house, but for most professional painter’s, Behr usually isn’t the paint of choice. I’m a professional painter, and I rarely use the paint myself. I painted the interior of a home with the regular Behr premium paint once, and it wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t cover as good as more expensive, quality paints I have used. I did try Behr ceiling paint one time, and one time only, and it was the worst ceiling paint I have ever used. Behr ceiling paint is glossy, not flat, and it looks absolutely horrible when dry.

Behr paint is pretty cheap compared to Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. You can buy a gallon of flat paint at Home Depot for under $25. You can also spend a little more, and get the Ultra Premium Plus paint with the primer in it. The Ultra Premium Plus paint covers much better, but both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are so much better.

Benjamin Moore Paint

Benjamin Moore sells high quality paint, but like Sherwin Williams, it’s expensive. Aura, their best-selling paint, costs over $50 per gallon. Aura is self-priming, resists damage from wall cleaning, and has very low odor. The paint finish is excellent. But if you want to reduce your house paint expense, Benjamin Moore Ben, or Natura, cost less than $40 per gallon, and both are decent paints.

I personally like Impervo for painting trim, and Ben paint for walls. Ben has primer in the paint. Impervo is a high quality, self-leveling trim paint, which means the material levels after application, minimizing paint brush marks in the finish. In terms of quality though, Benjamin Moore paint is definitely better than Behr, and comparable in quality to Sherwin Williams. You get what you pay for.

Sherwin Williams Paint

I find the quality of some of the more expensive Sherwin Williams paints to be very similar in quality to Benjamin Moore, but both are expensive. Sherwin Williams paint is only sold in their own stores, whereas Benjamin Moore paint is sold not only in their own store, but also other stores like Epco and Ace Hardware. I’m fortunate to have Sherwin Williams stores all around where I live so whenever I need something, there’s usually a store not far from where I’m working.

Sherwin Williams offers several quality house paints, but my favorites include ProMar 200 zero VOC paint, SuperPaint (paint and primer), ProClassic trim paint, and Duration Home. They have a newer paint called Emerald, which I still haven’t used yet. Emerald is very expensive, and I’m told a special roller must be used for application to avoid lap marks, but I’m not sure about that though. If you need a durable paint for your walls, either ProMar 200 zero VOC paint, or SuperPaint, is fine. Even though their paints cost more, it’s definitely better in quality than Home Depot’s Behr.

Which House Paint Is the Best?

There are a lot of people who hate Behr paint, and many who love it. Behr is the least favorite paint on the list, at least for me. There really isn’t a best house paint because each one is designed for a specific need. If you need a low odor paint that can withstand monthly wall cleaning, Benjamin Moore Aura, or Sherwin Williams Duration Home, are really good options. If you need a quality paint for trim and doors, both Impervo and ProClassic are excellent enamel paints. If you must go with Behr paint though, I would stick with the Ultra Plus line.

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