Sherwin Williams Cashmere Paint Review

Cashmere is an interior latex paint sold exclusively at Sherwin Williams stores. I have used Cashmere paint a few times and I give it 4 stars. The coverage is better than ProMar 200 paint, but if you’re painting a light color over dark, interior SuperPaint covers better because it has primer in the paint, and Cashmere does not. If the new paint color isn’t much lighter than the existing wall color it should be fine, but I noticed this paint goes on a little thin when cutting-in, and it dries that way in corners. It does release and spread nicely though with a good quality paint brush.

The paint finish from Cashmere looks nice on any wall, even on big sunny walls in a foyer or great room. I painted 20-foot foyer walls with Cashmere paint in the low lustre finish and it dried evenly without showing lap marks from the roller. The paint comes in three finishes: flat, low lustre and medium lustre. If you’re painting walls in your home then the low lustre finish will be fine – it’s a little similar to eggshell, but not as shiny as satin. Medium lustre is best for doors and trim, and flat would be suitable for ceilings, but if you want an awesome Sherwin Williams paint for ceilings, buy CHB flat paint instead.

The most important question is whether Cashmere paint is durable or not. It is washable, but I don’t recommend painting it on walls in high-traffic areas in your home. Instead, you’re better off painting those walls in Duration Home, which is more durable and meant for frequent cleaning. I haven’t personally tried to clean a wall painted with Cashmere, but I have heard that it isn’t the most washable product. I have wiped walls painted in Duration Home though and the paint didn’t rub off or leave marks from wiping.

Cashmere paint costs around $40 per gallon, but if you’re working with an interior painter, your painter should be able to supply the paint for you at a discount. Sherwin Williams occasionally runs a 30% off special for interior paint so keep an eye out for that because it can save a lot of money if you’re buying paint for the whole house. Overall, Cashmere is a good quality house paint that isn’t too expensive, even without a sale. What makes the paint unique is that it does dry in a nice silky finish. The paint is very smooth, but not too shiny. If you’re very particular about the shininess of your walls then you might like this paint.

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