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In this article, I’m reviewing Duration Home interior paint, not the exterior one. I have used most of the paints from Sherwin Williams – I know which paints are worth the money, and which ones are not. For frequent wall cleaning, Duration Home is a good paint because the finish won’t leave marks from wiping. If you have kids, or pets, and need to clean your walls often, I would recommend Duration over other Sherwin Williams paints, including SuperPaint. SuperPaint is great, but it isn’t meant for frequent wall cleaning.

Duration paint is a little expensive, but you get what you pay for. I use it for my painting business, and I repainted my bathroom with it. Duration is ideal for walls in high-traffic areas of your home that get marked with dirt and hand prints often.

Duration Home is awesome for bathrooms because it resists mildew which can normally result from excessive moisture, especially in smaller bathrooms. Duration comes in three finishes: matte finish (subtle sheen), satin (looks like eggshell) and semi-gloss. The semi-gloss finish is very shiny, and great for doors, base board, door frames, crown molding, and window frames. The satin finish is perfect for walls.

Another big advantage to Duration is the low VOC formula, which means way less paint odor in your home. Regular house paints are harmful to your brain and lungs, even after the paint is dry. Using low/zero VOC paints will help protect your health and the air quality inside your home.

The low VOC formula makes Duration an awesome paint for children’s bedrooms or a nursery. If you plan on painting the whole house with Duration, it can cost a lot without a special sale or a painter to provide a discount. Sherwin Williams often has a 30 to 40% off sale from time to time so keep your eye open for a deal. As an alternative, you can save money by using the zero VOC paint ProMar 200, or Harmony from Sherwin Williams. These paints are cheaper, but still provide quality, and minimal paint fumes.

Duration is easy to apply with a brush and roller. The paint flows and releases nicely with a good quality paint brush. It doesn’t dry too fast, and it won’t deform your paint brush bristles thirty minutes into painting. Duration Home costs more than the average house paint sold in big box stores, but based on my experience with this product, I find it to be worth the money when wall cleaning frequency and paint fumes are a primary concern. One gallon of Duration Home matte paint costs $52, and the satin and semi-gloss finish costs more.

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    • Hello and thanks for the comment. I haven’t used BM Natura paint. Natura gets pretty bad reviews and it’s also expensive. The problem is that Natura is advertised as a zero voc paint, but there are consumer complaints about its toxic, foul odor. There’s even a class action lawsuit about it. I prefer Sherwin Williams Duration Home and Promar 200 zero voc. Both paints are affordable and don’t smell bad.

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