Sherwin Williams Paint Color Ideas for Accent Walls

Painting one accent wall in a room is a simple way to make your living space look more interesting and create a focal point. A fireplace wall, or a wall behind an entertainment system, are good places for an accent color. The accent color you choose should always be darker than the surrounding wall color. If you really want to make your accent wall pop, choose a very light paint color for the surrounding walls, and a dark, ultra deep base color for the accent wall.

The following three paint samples are Sherwin Williams colors that look good as accent wall colors:

Real Red SW 6868

sherwin williams real red

Real Red SW 6868

We have painted Sherwin Williams Real Red many times for accent walls. It looks great as an accent wall in a dining room or living room. Red is an exciting, stimulating color, so avoid painting it in a bedroom. Red looks best in a socially active living space. Real Red is a very vibrant red. If you don’t like Real Red, take a look at SW 6871 Positive Red and SW 6866 Heart Throb. If you paint red over white wall paint, remember to apply one coat of grey tinted primer first to avoid having to apply multiple coats of the red.

What paint color goes with red?

In a dining room, consider using Real Red for the accent wall and a gold paint color for the surrounding walls. Some gold paint color options from Sherwin Williams include SW 6380 Humble Gold, SW 6367 Viva Gold and SW 6382 Ceremonial Gold. Red and gold go great together. And if you prefer neutral colors, tan and light sage green’s blend very nicely with a red accent wall. Try the tan Sherwin Williams color Macadamia SW 6142, and for sage green, try Svelte Sage SW 6164.

French Roast SW 6069

French Roast SW 6069

French Roast SW 6069

French Roast is a very dark, rich color. As the name implies, the color looks similar to a coffee bean brown. French Roast looks awesome next to walls painted in light cream, or tan, because it stands out very noticeably. Another idea would be to paint this color on a wall below a white painted chair rail in a room, with a lighter color painted above the chair rail. French Roast is a good color to use on smaller, structurally interesting walls, like a knee wall going up a staircase, or on columns that separate two rooms.

What paint color goes with brown?

Neutrals and off-white go along well with dark brown. When choosing the main color for the room, simply choose a brown sample lighter than French Roast. On the same color strip as French Roast is the color SW 6067 Mocha, which is much lighter, and perfect to paint as the main color on the adjacent walls. I would avoid painting French Roast on all of the walls in a room because it’s pretty dark. It looks best as an accent.

Dignity Blue SW 6804

Dignity Blue SW 6804

Dignity Blue SW 6804

Dignity Blue is a true blue that works well as an accent wall in a bedroom. Psychologically, blue makes us feel relaxed, which is why it’s often used in a bedroom. Dignity Blue is the last color on the color strip for its group of blue, and it’s an ultra deep base color that may require a coat of primer. Blue is like red – it can be hard to pick the perfect blue that doesn’t resemble swimming pool blue, unless that’s what you like.

What paint color goes with blue?

Many colors go with blue, but different tones and shades of grey work great. For a simple, monochromatic scheme, choose an accent wall color darker than the main blue walls. If you have blues and greys in your bedding, coordinate your paint color choices with the bedding colors. The colors SW 6801 Regale Blue and SW 6800 Something Blue are two light blues on the same color card as Dignity Blue, and either one would look nice for the main color. For extreme contrast, choose anĀ  orange paint color, the complementary color of blue.

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