Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Zero VOC Paint Review

Zero VOC paint is the latest trend in the painting industry. These paints emit fewer fumes and are much less harmful to your health. If you’re planning to do some painting in your home, it’s pretty foolish not to use zero VOC paint. Most people don’t realize that regular house paints pollute the air quality inside a home and can even cause brain damage in young children. Paint off-gases harmful fumes when it’s wet, and also years after drying.

I have used Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 paint for a long time, and now I’m using the newer zero VOC version quite often. It only costs an extra couple bucks per gallon than the regular. The regular retail price at Sherwin Williams, without a store account discount, is probably around $35 per gallon. I would avoid ProMar 400 and 700 though, because those paints are poor quality. You’ll get the best coverage and quality with the 200 line.

You can get ProMar 200 zero VOC paint mixed in any color, but based on my experience with this product, it isn’t good for dark colors, especially darker blue or green. Neutrals and pastels are fine, but I have noticed that dark blues in particular tend to shadow, or “picture frame”, in the corners from the paint brush. If you’re painting darker colors, SuperPaint, Duration Home, or Benjamin Moore Ben will give you better results.

ProMar 200 paint does touch up decently and the paint finish is pretty durable. With two coats on the wall, you’ll be able to clean the surface without ruining it. For maximum wall cleaning ability though, you might consider Sherwin Williams Duration paint, which is a low VOC paint. ProMar zero VOC paint, as well as the majority of zero VOC paints on the market, are not entirely VOC free. There are no magic paints that are totally free from chemical fumes, but zero VOC paints emit the least fumes, and reduce your exposure significantly. This paint does have an odor to it, but very little and it doesn’t linger. You should still wear a mask when painting.

ProMar 200 zero VOC paint dries a lot faster than the regular version. At a normal, warm room temperature, you can start painting the second coat usually about 20 minutes after applying the first coat. ProMar is good for bathroom walls and ceilings because it contains anti-microbial additives that help prevent mildew growth. You can buy it in flat, eggshell, low-sheen and semi-gloss. I find this paint to best for walls, not ceilings. I painted a ceiling in ProMar 200 flat only one time and it left horrible roller marks everywhere. The eggshell finish looks great on walls. It’s smooth and you’ll be able to wash away dirt. For trim, your best bet is ProClassic enamel semi-gloss or Benjamin Moore Regal semi-gloss.

I hope this ProMar 200 review has helped you. It isn’t the greatest paint around, but for most jobs it’s fine. I use it because it doesn’t cost a lot and it still provides quality comparable to premium paints on the market.

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