Interior Sherwin Williams Super Paint Review

sherwin williams super paint reviewSherwin Williams Super Paint is a paint and primer combination that provides excellent coverage on walls and trim. The exterior version is good too, but this review focuses on the interior line. I use SuperPaint a lot and it’s a great interior house paint that saves me a lot of time and provides an excellent finish.

I also use Sherwin Williams Promar 200 Zero VOC paint, which costs less, but it’s thin and the coverage is poor compared to SuperPaint because it doesn’t include primer. If you’re painting very light colors over dark walls, Promar 200 probably won’t cover well in two coats and you’ll likely have to paint a third coat to get a solid finish. With SuperPaint, I have painted light over dark many times with only two coats needed. When painting light walls with a light color, Promar 200 is alright.

With a good paint roller, Sherwin Williams Super Paint spreads nicely on walls when rolling, so you don’t have to dip the roller as much. This paint comes in flat, satin or a semi-gloss finish for doors and trim. The flat finish has no sheen at all. The satin finish is slightly shiny, smooth and it can be cleaned. If you buy this paint, I recommend the satin finish. I use it the most and it looks beautiful when painted on large foyer walls or standard 8 foot walls. If rolled properly, it won’t leave lap marks from the roller.